With all these amazing looking models attending the Cannes film festival, you are probably wondering what their secret beauty hacks are. Well, here are the answers!
Get to know Baldwin’s, Jenner’s and Kloss’ beauty routines and the products they use. In less time than you think, you will be one step closer in following a professional skin care regime. It is easy to trust their tips as they all collaborate or represent some of the most famous beauty brands!

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a makeup queen! She has partially inherited her skills as her maternal grandmother was a makeup artist. Also, at a young age, she was really involved in dancing and would therefore apply make up for the shows long before she started modelling.

Skin care

What is her secret behind smooth and clear skin? Her skin care products are from EltaMD, and were recommended by her dermatologist. She also makes sure to drink a lot of water and indulge in vitamins on a daily basis. Obviously, she also follows a clean and balanced diet. When she wants a detox, she completely cuts out dairy and gluten. If these are the results, then it might be worth it!


In terms of makeup, she collaborated with the Australian brand ModelCo for a 22-piece collection. These products are the answer behind her makeup looks for most of the red carpet events. The collection was composed by products that she really liked in terms of colour, texture and application, followed by changing them in order of her preferences.

Whenever she doesn’t attend an event, she goes for a natural look which might look simple, but still requires a lot. It consists of a coconut oil face wash, perfectly defined eyebrows and a highlighter across her cupid’s bow, to give her a complexion that glows.

Her favourite products from the ModelCo collection

Glow Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm

Coconut Luxe Beauty Oil

On-The-Glow Highlighter Spotlight


Kendall Jenner

Skin care

Advised by her older sisters, she takes really good care of her face, and regularly applies face and eye cream. As a good Estée Lauder ambassador and collaborator, she uses many products from the ‘Estée Lauder Edit’ collection. She has sensitive skin and has suffered from acne, and therefore, she takes close care of it. Just like Baldwin, she uses the EltaMD SPF 46 sunscreen on a daily basis to protect her skin from the sun. She moisturises it with The Estée Edit Rescue Balm for Face and Body Night Cream. She already combats ageing by applying The Estée Edit Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony eye cream. As every good model, she washes her face two or three times a day due to the amount of makeup she wears. This helps prevent breakouts and allows her skin to breathe.


As for hair and makeup, Jenner says she prefers an effortless look. Her hair styling is no trick. She simply goes to bed with wet hair and wakes the morning after with the look she wants. If that’s not goals, we don’t know what is. We all wish it was that simple. She also keeps her makeup look natural and minimalistic. However, when she puts more effort into it, she likes to pull off a brown smoky eye. Obviously, her favourite is The Edit Eyeshadow Palette from The Estée Edit collaboration, as the palette includes her favourite colour, purple.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss’ makeup expectations are pretty high as she is a L’Oréal brand ambassador. However, she opts to keep it simple and natural. Additionally, you will get out the door a lot quicker. It all depends on whether she is going to chill with friends or attend something that requires a bit of glam.


Her regular morning routine consists of taking a quick warm shower, nourishing her face using L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum, and some minor tweaks like covering a spot with concealer. As her hair is short, it takes no time styling it. You just have to get it to bounce. She has found her solution to bad hair days, which is using Elvive Fibrology hair products. At night, she washes her face with L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water to refresh skin and wipe off the day.

She also gets a monthly facial treatment. So, if you happen to live in New York, you might even pop into Karlie Kloss when getting a treatment from Joanna Vargas.

Kloss believes that inner health is a big part of beauty: if you take care of yourself, your body and skin will reflect it. Therefore, she is really keen on incorporating exercise into her daily life, alongside going to the gym, biking to lunch or attending a fun dance class. In terms of diet, it consists of eating healthy and nutritious foods.


This is it! The answer to perfect skin is really dependent on diet and exercise. Also, a flawless makeup look consists of using less products given their absolute opinion, as they all prefer the natural look. Even if it might still require several steps. Now that you know their best beauty tips, it’s time to update the beauty cabinet!

Visual editor JUAN JOSÉ LOAIZA

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